Give More, Consume Less
Why should you join our sharing community:


We want to create a platform that makes giving easy, granted it's time, knowledge, or an item you do not need but can help others. We have volunteers to process your kinder offering and connect with people who share with us what they need. By giving out what you don't need, you can simplify your life, help the environment, and warms someone's heart. By sharing what you know, you will make your life more meaningful, enlighten someone's day, and expand your network. Please also let us know what you need, our volunteers will notify you if someone is giving something you are looking for. Happy giving, happy sharing.

To make sharing easy and hassle free, you can submit an offering in a few minutes. Our volunteers will post your offering on this site and advertise for you. Once someone wants to take your offer, we will notify you by email. 
Submit a need by answering a short survey. You need will be posted on the site and our volunteers will notify you when someone offers to help. 


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